Off Peak Electrical Storage Heaters

Off-peak heaters, such as Quantum and storage heaters, are electric heaters designed specifically to operate using cheaper, off-peak electricity and, as the name implies, store heat until it is required. There are four types of heater, each offering different levels of comfort control.

1) Manual control models require the user to manually set the amount of energy that should be stored overnight. These models have been phased out for new models with more advanced controls.

2) Automatic models, such as the XLSN, automatically adjust the overnight charge based on the room temperature and therefore are more efficient than manual models.

3) Combination models, like the CXLS, store off-peak energy in the core overnight in the same way as the automatic models and in addition to this they can top this up in the day time using the peak rate energy if required. Models like the Duo heat have a radiant front panel and more advanced controls.

4) High heat retention storage heaters such as Quantum have smart controls that take exactly the correct amount of charge. They have a highly insulated core so therefore have a fan to extract the heat when it is required and a direct acting element to provide extra heat during the day time if required.

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